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Use this training to get momentum on that book that’s been in your head for so long.  Stop feeling blocked and be that changemaker you’ve been wanting to be.  Get your impactful message out through your business book and figure out a scheulde to do it in just 60 days. 

In this 3 Part Mini Course, you’ll Learn:

  • How to Pick a Book Topic that Will Get Read (so that you’re sure your book will have the impact you want)
  • Tips and Strategies on How to Start and Finish Your Book in 60 Days (so that you don’t have to make the book writing process long and drawn out) – with template
  • 2 Myths to Book Selling You Must Know if You Want to Be Profitable (so that you can confidently monetize your book)

Get: 3 videos and pdf instruction

4 Bonuses:

  • 5 Sneaky Strategies to Write Your Book Quick!
  • How to Get the Book Out of Your Head and Onto Paper 
  • All the Right Stuff (for your book) 
  • Book Conclusion Template